Gene-Wei Li

Assistant Professor
Ph.D. Harvard University

gwli = mit + edu

Manraj Gill

Graduate Student
MIT Biology
B.S. UC Berkeley

manraj = mit + edu

Lydia Herzel

HHWF Postdoc Fellow
Ph.D. TU Dresden

herzel = mit + edu

Grace Johnson

NSF Graduate Fellow
MIT Biology
B.S. Yale University

gracej = mit + edu

Jean-Benoît Lalanne

HHMI Graduate Fellow
MIT Physics
M.S. McGill University

lalannej = mit + edu

Mandy Levine

Graduate Student
(Joint with Laub lab)
MIT Microbiology
B.S. Haverford College

mlevine1 = mit + edu

Dylan McCormick

Research Support Associate
B.S. UC Berkeley

dmccorm = mit + edu

Darren Parker

Graduate Student
MIT Biology
B.S. University of Illinois

parkerdj = mit + edu

Mirae Parker

Graduate Student
B.S. Stanford University

mirae = mit + edu

Archana Ram

Graduate Student

archanar = mit + edu

Cassandra Schaening

NSF Graduate Fellow
(Joint with Gilbert lab)
B.S. Univ. of Puerto Rico

axolotl = mit + edu

James Taggart

NSF Graduate Fellow
MIT Biology
B.S. Haverford College

jtaggart = mit + edu

Matthew Tien

Postdoctoral Scholar
Ph.D. University of Chicago

mtien = mit + edu

Jerry Yao

UROP Student

ccyao = mit + edu

Cindy Woolley

Administrative Assistant

cwoolley = mit + edu

We are seeking highly motivated and collaborative individuals to work at the exciting frontier of quantitative biology. We especially welcome people with one or more of the following background:

Biophysics, RNA biology, Evolutionary biology, Genomics, Systems Biology, and Computational biology.

Please send the inquiry along with your CV to Gene.


Ariel Schieler, Technical Assistant, 2015-2016
Tiffany Chen, UROP student, 2015-2016; Current: Software Engineer, Google
Yize Dong, UROP student, 2016-2016; Current: Undergraduate Student, MIT
Yingwu Xu, Lab Manager, 2016-2017; Current: Director of Enzymatic Engineering, Quintara Biosciences
Wei-En (Allison) Huang, Summer student, 2017; Current: Ph.D. Student, University of Tokyo
Bruna Lima, MSRP student, 2017; Current: Ph.D. Student, MIT
Sami Kebede, UROP student, 2017; Current: Associate Scientist, bluebird bio
Pinar Demetci, Research Support Associate, 2017-2018; Current: Ph.D. Student, Brown University
Aaron DeLoughery, Postdoctoral Scholar, 2016-2018; Current: Scientist, Intrexon
Valentina Stoma, Research Support Associate, 2018-2019; Current: Master student, Northeastern University
Emily Cannistraci, MSRP student, 2019; Current: Undergraduate student, University of Maryland, Baltimore County